Math for Families



Have you ever thought of going back to school?

         And not only that, but being in a classroom with your kid, and working together on a teacher’s assignment?


We decided to open one of the Firecracker’s classrooms to parents!



1.  Parents like to be involved in their kids’ activities and studies. But often this involvement means supervising your kids, or mentoring them, or just asking them questions.

We are giving you the opportunity to be involved by SHARING classroom experience with your kids.

2.  In most activities that parents share with their kids, parent are the ones who are more experienced, more skillful, or more advanced.

At our math program, the math topics are extra-curricular, so most parents are as new to them as the kids. This would allow you to be on “equal” footing with your child. Sometimes, you will be the one to help your child to solve a problem, but often it would be another way around and your child would give you an idea that you haven’t thought of before.

3.   In many families math is associated with a difficult, boring, and not so cool subject – something that you would never do at home just for fun.

We want to show you and your child that it doesn’t have to be so! When you leave our lessons,  you will often continue discussing the problems you just worked on in class. Or you will want to find a mathematical explanation to the magic tricks you learnt at the lessons.  Or you will simply want to look up some curious math facts online.

4.  How much will it cost to a parent to attend the lessons?


It is free! 

        You only pay a regular fee for your child.


Just make sure you put off your other chores and responsibilities, and come to immerse yourself and your child in the wonderful and cool world of mathematics.

  • The class is for 4-6th grade students
  • It is a semester-long class that meets once a week for 1 hour.
  • Groups will meet on Wednesdays from 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm at 1606 Bonita Avenue in Berkeley.
  • The cost is $330 per child for the Winter/Spring 2018 semester. Parents are free, but need to sign up.
  • Classes begin on January 24th 2018.


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