• Outstanding instruction, challenging and creative. Not rote and not boring! Kids’ math imaginations are stretched and the teacher-student ratio ensures personal attention. Ella, the instructor, we have been working with is just a rock star. This program is somehow an undiscovered gem!

Josh R, Berkeley


  • I appreciated the opportunity to introduce a new world to my daughter (and to myself, to some degree)… Ella Levine, Firecracker Math teacher extraordinaire.

Brian D, Berkeley


  • My daughter really been enjoying Firecracker Math with Dr. Lebow, and I was thinking of signing her up for Math in Motion in the fall.

Narsico J, Piedmont


  • Thank you very much. I was very happy with the class and the personal attention she gave each student

Mary Beth, Berkeley


  • My son has been enjoying the camp so much! He liked all of the field trip activities, and he said he wants to go back. Thank you! And thanks for keeping the parents informed with photos and videos.

Zoe F., Albany

  • My son said said that both classes were a lot of fun and challenging.

Pamela G., Oakland


  • The teacher – Ella – is outstanding. Knowledgeable, passionate, creative, inspiring, and giving kids individual attention while also building class group unity. She is amazing and major reason my kids really, really like the class.

Ken W., El Cerrito


  • This program is the best math program I found for my daughter, and we looked a lot and tried a couple! The teacher (Laura) understands how to approach and educate children, and she is enthusiastic and passionate about her subject. She goes out of her way to find some extra time for each child, so my daughter always feels included and engaged. Math is now her favorite subject!

Anna V., Berkeley

  • This has been an amazing find. Excellent teachers and affordable. I homeschool my son so I am always looking for classes, teachers, and curriculum that goes above and beyond the regular current standards for education. The organizers and teachers who have created this program have their hearts and minds in the right place.

M.B., Santa Barbara, CA



  • The Math Program at Firecracker Academy has saved our lives. We are so happy and I am so relieved to have found them. Math is my 13 year old son’s favorite subject but he had run out of challenges in his small underfunded school program and has been essentially assigned to teach himself by his overburdened school teachers. His love of math was beginning to falter. With the teachers at the Academy he is discovering a new level of love for math because the teachers are exemplary. They love math at all levels, they love kids of all ages/abilities and they are passionate about making math fun for students. The classes at Firecracker Academy are my son’s runaway favorite times of his school week now. I could not recommend them enough.

Wellington B., Oakland


  • My twelve year old daughter has attended Firecracker Academy for two years and absolutely loves the opportunity to go there every Tuesday to study math. She says the teacher makes math fun and interesting and that she explains math so that kids can understand it. She also says the teacher is very kind and patient. I feel that my daughter’s understanding of math has improved significantly since she began attending Firecracker Academy.  I am very happy to have heard about Firecracker Academy, and I will continue to send my daughter there. It is a great opportunity for her to enhance her math skills.

Ella B., Oakland


  • My 12-year-old daughter loves the program. She never thought math was her favorite subject, but now she tells everybody it is. The school does a wonderful job of integrating school math with new concepts and math challenges, and encourages a new way of thinking about math. The teacher is great -very knowledgeable, good at explaining concepts, and has given me and my daughter regular feedback.

Marina P., Castro Valley


  • This program was recommended to me by two high-level, professional mathematicians who are also parents of school-aged children. My son started at Firecracker Academy in the spring of 2013 and has been very enthusiastic about it ever since. There is a good mix of genders in the classes, and the classes are organized by level, not by age – within a certain age range. The classes are small and personalized. The teaching method is fun and challenging.

Wave H., Albany


  • My daughter is very much enjoying your math program. Thank you for including her in the Saturday 1pm class. She looks forward to her sessions every week, and is showing much interest. It’s great to watch her.

Terri H., Berkeley