Andrea H., Berkeley:

I was very impressed with the Firecracker children’s newspaper when my son brought it home early this year, so I got a subscription. He loves it. It’s really an awesome kids’ newspaper.

Hollis S., 5th grade teacher, Danville:

We spent some time reading the newspaper in class today. I would love some more newspapers. The other fifth grade classes were interested too. All of the kids like the look of the paper, and are excited to be the first readers. Also, they got into some engaging conversations with each other as they read the articles. Fun to watch!

Lana S., Palo Alto:

My son Aaron LOVED it!
The idea was fascinating to him. He said, the articles were interesting and he loved all of them so far. He repeated it many times, and said, he’s going to read all of it. I asked, if he would subscribe to this kid’s newspaper, the answer was Yes! Yes! Yes! Altogether, it was two thumbs up.

Nina T., San Francisco:

I am happy for my kids to receive their own newspaper. My husband and I get the NY Times daily at home in paper. But the headlines and photos are always so gruesome, that I am very happy for the kids to have an alternative. We are all really enjoying the newspaper! It is really excellent.

Matt M., Palo Alto:

We just re-upped for another year. Our son really enjoys getting his print copy each month, something from an actual mailbox!

Erica B., Los Angeles:

The newspaper looks so great! I am definitely going to share it with the family I am nanny for and hopefully the mom will subscribe :)

Alex B., San Francisco:

Got Firecracker Forum newspaper for kids, and it looks great! I wish you all the best for your guts and originality.

May you ignite young readers and prosper.

Cindy T., school Office Manager, Walnut Creek:

The school principal and I talked about your kids’ newspaper. She was impressed with it. She will talk to leadership about using it in the classrooms in the Upper Grades as an educational tool to promote reading literacy and as a source for current events in social studies classes.

Melanie K., Books Inc. bookstore, Berkeley:

I think that your newspaper for children is wonderful and just the type of thing I would have enjoyed as a child myself! I would love to carry it here.

Cynthia G., Berkeley:

I saw the first two issues of your newspaper, and they are doing a great job, with a variety of interesting articles, color graphics. In short, there something for everyone, even puzzles for kids in the back of the newspaper. Please pass it on to room parents, teachers, friends and post in your class; this is a great opportunity for our kids to have their own local newspaper!

Kristina, school manager, San Leandro:

What a great newspaper! What a great educational resource for children. My youngest is 13 years old, and I have nieces and nephews, and I will be happy to subscribe to newspaper for them. I love the fact that it’s focused on Bay Area, all of a sudden it seems doable and close. Thank you for doing it!

Arnie S., Palo Alto:

Thank you. Daniel loved the kid’s newspaper articles in the last issue. This is a great discovery for us.

Miriam D., Berekley:

Your kids magazine is great, — it treats the kids with such respect!

Doug P., a father of a 10-year-old and a former teacher, Oakland:

I love your newspaper, it doesn’t talk down to the children, and treats them as equals.

Matt M., Oakland:

Aidan really enjoys the print version of the Firecracker Forum newspaper for kids.